Characters and graphics with very popular Alphabetical Karagoz Game developers, plenty of fun and competitive word game more WORD CHALLENGE ONLINE. You join in on the fun, friends and thousands of players online in English and immediately download our free game for enjoying Turkish word game.

Our game is a mental game that randomly generate words using the letters falling. Turkish total 50 thousand, 50 thousand users with the English word database We offer a wide range of word choices. Compete with your friends at the same time playing the game. The cup and reached the first target score points off, be careful how you create long words, the more points you get.

Features of the play,

✔ letters merge feature in all directions – up, down, words combine to create what direction you want to cross.

✔ Bright and eye-catching gorgeous graphics are waiting for you.

✔ Blaster feature where you installed thanks to powerful explosives to help you.

✔ Mix letters with Mix feature

✔ Choose your own style of play! 3 Do you find it to be contented with long words or letters in simple words? Notice that you are reaching the goal before your opponent!

✔ The list of games you have played before.

✔ active games, the list of invited Finished games and games you get.

✔ Facebook, e-mail and you can register with one of the Guest login option.

✔ earned, visible position your finished game and success statistics.

✔ If you want a random player, install the game to your friends with the user name you want.

✔ Make your move when you want to close the game, you can continue where you left open the game again when your opponent plays.

✔ Gather Cup and raise the level you play, so you will encounter more formidable rivals.

✔ Ability to see a list of moves made during the game.

✔ 50,000 English word database.

✔ 50,000 Turkish words database.

✔ simultaneously in both English and Turkish to play the game.

✔ can easily be synchronized across all your devices

Our game is constantly being improved. In the following days in line with the request from you, we will continue to add new features.

To meet the costs of words server provides revenue from advertising contained in the game. You apologize for the inconvenience to our players with the ads we display

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All suggestions and criticisms can be sent to address, and you can follow to contact our account and our site.

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