Will It Kill Me? – "The Thumb Game"

Hello everyone!

So, had a few issues with this one. Lighting was not on my side and had some noisy neighbors. Hopefully, you’ll still enjoy it. Also, let me know how the new addition of music seems for this! Thought I’d try something new.

Also, expect an upgrade to this segment as I’ll be getting a new camera at the end of the month! And…with night shooting! So the dark shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, even with the problems, I hope you still enjoy.

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21 thoughts on “Will It Kill Me? – "The Thumb Game"

  1. Ah the mind is an interesting thing. I have yet to enter the mindscape. Will continoue to practice meditation and hone my visualization skills. Putting scare factor into making these games are akin to a roller coaster or thrill seek. The fear, stress and adrenaline/excitement comes from the same glands so I can see why people do this as well as ride roller coasters.

    I just want to enter the mindscape and explore, or have an adventure its like lucid dreaming but you are day dreaming or an immersive visualization. Just the less scare factor onto it. Hypnotherapist and Neuro linguistic Programmers use this on their clients. Luckily for me I don't have aphantasia so I will keep on practicing. Visualization has also been used by athletes to help their performance, it has also been used to achieve goals and planning (you still gotta be realistic and take action).

  2. I played this with a couple of friends after watching this. My two friends didnt find anything and felt empty. But with me I saw it as a large building and when i appeared I was in the living room and saw a kitchen next to me. I went to the kitchen and began looking. And what felt like seconds the candle was already down to half way so I looked faster and saw that the candle was now at a quarter left and when i looked in the freezer i was the thumb, grabbed and then we blew out the candles. And to be honest my wish sort of came true. I wished for food and the pizza we ordered 20 mins ago arrived 10 mins early XD

  3. I really want to try this,but everyone else I know would be too scared or not take it serious so I can't do it.

  4. I did this at school before with four other people and when we blew out the candles and opened our eyes half of the school was just quietly standing around us watching and it scared the crap out of me

  5. I actually did this with friends and we all placeboed and "looked for the thumb"
    None of us found it within our minds but when we described the Villa we all explained it looking it the exact same. Needless to say we didn't exactly sleep well that night

  6. My first instinct when someone taps me on the shoulder is to look behind me, so I would probably get murdered if I play this.

  7. my friend did this and she went in and the villa burnt down the thumb was in a safe with pictures and stuff.

  8. not to be mean but when you said lycanthropy I nearly wet myself out of fear and turned the video off. that was a month ago. I'm 18 and the word itself still scares me.

  9. hey there fun story about this game. one of my old friend group decided to play the game in our schools stairwell! the problem was that one girl was a skeptic so once they began the ritual they were at the thumb holding part until the skeptic girl just busted out laughing and interrupted the game. but one of the guys saw a brief image of the creepy girl in the village.

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