Why The Nightfort is the creepiest castle in Westeros | Game of Thrones

The Wall is the home of many castle, only 3 castles are manned. The Rest of the Castles on the wall are Ghost Castles and none are more ghostly than the nightfort ! Legends of old tell Grim tales of the Night’s King and Queen, The Rat Cook and The Shadow of what was the Night’s Watch

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45 thoughts on “Why The Nightfort is the creepiest castle in Westeros | Game of Thrones

  1. 2 years later – the nightfort meant nothing, the wall meant nothing, everything meant nothing. All they ever needed was a girl who had never seen a whitewalker before, to leap through the air, and stab the night king. A+ story telling

  2. I think that every book in the Night Fort's library is dust now just as the scrolls in the Citadel were being devoured by dust mites. Only ghost linger there now, or Brand and company would found something when they were there..

  3. The Dead cannot lose. They do not know fear, they do not require either food or water, they do not require rest, as they never tire. They cannot suffer from illness. And the cherry on top, they will always have an ever increasing numerical advantage….they can make up losses, right on the field of battle. If the living take losses, reserves will eventually become exhausted, the living cannot afford losses, and those they do take, they must destroy the corpses fast. This variety of Undead require a "magic weapon" to put down for good. Though fire seems to be effective. Not much survives fire.
    When you think about it, that being undead makes every single problem in your life, to go away. No fear, pain, hate, or want, everyone will be absolutely cool with each other. Is that not the definition of a Utopia!? Hell, it is practically a Hippy commune love-fest, sans the love.

  4. Awesome video but just a heads up, it's the 79 Sentinels, not 79 Centennials. Centennial means they're 100 years old but sentinel just means a watcher

  5. The fact that it’s the castle of the Night’s King, there definitely has to be some interesting accounts of the long night by the maesters in that library.

  6. I love your videos! Easy to see and listen to. do you have any ideas of a place to get the best full audio books for visually impaired?

  7. Eek. Idk if all those frozen corpses are the key to defeating the walkers. Tell me again why they won't (or haven't already) become walkers, themselves?

  8. I don't recall reading most of what you said here. The Rat Cook and the 13th Lord Commander yes. The names of the abandoned castles yes. You must have that big coffee table book about Westeros.

  9. Perhaps some dark ritual needs to be learned and then performed in the bowels of the Night Fort… when the moon is obscured by the darkness of a long night's dead sky.

  10. I love the tale of the 13th Lord of the Night's Watch and the Rat Cook. It reminds me of something from the Dark Souls games.

  11. You ever try creating your own world and writing your own epic fantasy. I'm building my drawing skills and have been developing a graphic novel for years now. I can never stay satisfied with what I come up with although seeing the flaws in the GOT helps to keep me from comparing everything I come up with to critically acclaimed media.

  12. I think an entire one season Horror inspired/focused 4 or 5 part miniseries set during the early or last days of Long Night that occurred in the past in the ASOIAF lore. Dark Fantasy Horror Drama.

  13. Yessss Boo Yesss!!! Gon in Boo You Did ALL OF THIS YES!!!😂 (Im being kinda dramatic but hey this is Westeros after all😁) I'm so here for the spooky oohky scary Mary? Oct vid vibes Grey…..Been a fan of your since your Dany vid about her 3 betrayls. And I have witnessed the growth of this channel and also you and I'm so happy for you lady…. So ok I have been a fan of ASOIAF since 1998 after I read the 1st book (come on Winds Of Winter) when I was 16 or something and have read all 5 numerous times since then. I'm literally like a ASOIAF encyclopedia but what trul grab my attention with your vids was your voice, delivery, and how knowledgeable you were with the story and these great characters GRRM created and I been a Sweet Summer Child every since and have watch every single video and this is the very 1st time posted a comment so yea….And now I'm rambling lol all I really wanted to do is to tell you I your awesome sauce and I live and love your work 😉 wishing you must success ma.
    From Fan, #458768 jk…… Vic From Oakland😎

  14. the nightfort? more lore about this alleged 'night-queen'???!? im soooo lost with all this extra information and all these seemingly related yet obscure tales.,. im more confused than ever about this world mr martin has created, and thank you miss grayarea, for shedding light on so many unknown facts and things alike, but why would the tv show cut out something like the nightfort and its legendary-ness when it seems sooo integral to the entire story??? Did that make sense, the way I posed my question? hope so. but still LOVING MY #1 YOUTUBE CHANNEL…. LOVELOVELOVE MISS GRAYAREA AND I, JASON WILL BE ONE OF YOUR SWEET SUMMER CHILDREN FOR LIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!

  15. didn't Sam, Gilly and baby Sam come through the night castle on the way on the way back to castle black after he killed the walker? Bran and company were in the kitchens and heard them coming up through the well. Sam took them back down and thru the weirwood gate and had to say his vows for it to open.

  16. Your videos are terrific, and I love your voice. Just one thing, if I may, not a criticism:. It's the Sentine!s on the wall…you pronounced it like centennials. And Dolorous Ed is pronounced "dole-or-us" with emphasis on the "dole". You say it like Dolores, the woman's name. Dolorous means sad or full of pain. Anyway, I listen to these over and over and enjoy them. Just a suggestion.

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