Traditional Games Nigerian Children Play

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In today’s video, we will be showing you the traditional games played by the typical Nigerian children who were born in earlier centuries than the 20th century.

Every 27th day of the month of may, Nigeria celebrates children’s day. The typical Nigerian child of the earlier centuries when technology hasn’t taken over has played some of the traditional games shown in this video if not all.


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32 thoughts on “Traditional Games Nigerian Children Play

  1. What, we also play it in Somalia, but little bit different, I wish I can show you how we do in my home

  2. In America I thought was the white mans games. Suwe we call hopscotch. Ten Ten is new to me. In America the girls did this as repetition like tinka tinka . Willy Willy Willy was called Mother may I. A little different. Bugu bugu was hide and seek or as you got older, Hide and get it. If a guy catch a girl the she had to kiss him or hunch. lol have sex. Obama Fusa is like ring around the roses. Bread and Butter was like tug of war starts out like the boring European game London Bridge is falling down. Tales by night is common Tales. All from the Mother land.

  3. I did everything in this video. Battabox missed elastic rubber game. Video games are killing our present days Children especially in Advanced countries. Although it has some advantages in brain development but it doesn't teach life lessons. Street is the best place to learn life lessons. Some days you win, some days you lose, some days you get beaten, some days you are a star, some days you get rejected,etc. This is the reason why people from my generation are more resilient than this present one. Na street sure pass.

  4. In the UK we played many similar games – some with only minor differences in the detail. They had different names, of course. 😊

  5. Ten Ten, O kere O below😂😂😂& Suwe. Those are the good ol' days. What about Ringa Ring of Roses, a Garden full of Roses, Atishoo, Atishoo, we all fall down😂😂Fire on the Mountain, Run, Run Run. Also Boju Boju, Alo mi Alo.
    My Nigerian Childhood days are one of the best😍

  6. I was really like this game its was make me feel good bcoz by then where was not media like this day that is our game by then it is so nice

  7. Here in the U.S., most of these games are very similar. This video takes me back to my childhood days. I love it 😍

  8. Very nice, takes me down memory lane. I remember playing the ten ten, fire on the mountain etc. Good job Battabox!

  9. My beautiful people in Nigeriais there any way that I can help you to buy school supplies I am so sorry that you don't have red chalk or are fun other games for the children please inform me

  10. Hi Folly, in Germany we played rubber twist, which means we took a long piece of 1 cm thick elastic rubber ( used for sewing ). Two ( mostly ) girls stood opposite each other, approx. 2 meters apart, the ribbon held on the height of their waist.
    Then the third one had to jump in and create different patterns with this flexible attribute, like to cross, turn around with the waistband, keep one part over the shoulder, you name it….After some time positions would be changed. Greetings Conny

  11. Awwww, how I loved and was addicted to takes by moonlight🌙😍😍😍, those were the days of innocence, simplicity and contentment😌; I miss those days 😢😢😢

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