THE EVIL WITHIN 2 | (Akumu) Classic Mode (Full Game) | NO AUTOSAVES NO UPGRADES GG

Hello! Welcome BACK to the live stream! We’re now streaming the Evil Within 2 on CLASSIC mode. This the hardest mode Evil Within 2 has to offer. This punishing mode has no auto saves, 7 limited manual saves, no upgrades, and a lot of stress.
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➜ PC Specs:
CPU: Intel i7-4790k CPU @ 4.0GHz
GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 1070
Memory: 16GB DDR3
Headphones: Logitech G430

Credits go to Mr.BK for the awesome donation gif and PandaK for an awesome banner/thumbnail.


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47 thoughts on “THE EVIL WITHIN 2 | (Akumu) Classic Mode (Full Game) | NO AUTOSAVES NO UPGRADES GG

  1. For people asking questions about this game here is my guide: Hope it helps!

  2. that's was great streaming 😉 I'm stucked at the cabin fight on chapter 10 I beat it 3 times and died on o'neal fight D: I must continue this mode x_x

  3. It took u 3 hours to do what i did in 10 😂 , it is my first playthrough tho , just went out of the marrows so stopped watching till i go further so i won’t spoil something for myself

  4. i have tried beating classic mode 7 time and i can't do it. the game crashes so many time. help Quizzle. how do i stop the game from crashing. i hear it crashes for a lot of people. since the game crashes for a lot of us. the game should auto save if it crashes

  5. dont like classic mode cause no upgrades….
    cant enjoy your character grow like an rpg game.
    and if you play on console, cant use mouse to aim.

  6. I just beat the game 4 days ago an I watched your stream of beating this on classic no save at all I'm like your the 🐐man frfr I don't think I could play this on classic u have my sub man u deserve it

  7. Can someone answer this please co I’m really frustrated! I finished the game on classic mode and it said I unlocked the brass knuckles but I reached chapter three and i still don’t see it ?? WTF am I doing something wrong! Oh and my game plus don’t have any classic clear saves it only let me play on casual?????

  8. I find Nightmare slightly challenging it definitely has it's moments. However, maybe the real challenge will be Classic Mode. Kind of wish you had to collect communicators to save instead of outright being limited to 7 saves total. I like the old RE ink ribbons/cassette tapes.

  9. So i'm up to the final boss in the last part where you have to shoot her face on classic mode, but i have no ammo at all nothing i can craft and nothing lying around so what the fudge do i do ?

  10. For the later half of the stream I just sat there going “JUST PLAY THE MINIGAMES AGAIN. YOU NEED THE SUPPLIES JUST DO IT OH MY GOD.”
    Like it got painful to watch 😂

  11. That's really great man! GG
    Just beat the game on nightmare mode on xbox one.. I dont think infinite ammo's worth the trouble of going through the classic mode.. Maybe one day I give it a try hahaha

  12. Yea Quizzle infinite ammo is earned from classic. I beat it the first time on nightmare then on classic today.

  13. Took me 20 hours to beat nightmare mode with the evil within 2 and I beat the first game on akumu so I plan on beating this on classic mode. Good job btw

  14. Due to the no auto save thing i wont be attempting this. That killed it right there. Ill just back and do akumu on game 1 for the extra challenge.

  15. Ive seen a lot of false claims that akumu was tougher than this game. Guess what, i beat akumu twice. I also started this game the first time on nightmare and made it all the way to stefano boss while killing every enemy except the 3 giant sawblade things. Took me 20 hours. Even that was tougher than akumu. Akumu was overated….it really wasnt that hard to not get hit if you were good with the controls.

  16. I fell out of bounds in that house at 2:40 didn't die was just stuck in darkness with the flashback effect going off, I thought it was a part of the game at first and was freaking me out expecting a jump scare.

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