Supercars Championship | Video Gaming Evolution — Mount Panorama Circuit


EDIT: I now have access to TOCA: Race Driver gameplay, however, the video had already been published for a substantial period of time. The remaking of this video is considered, but instead, I may opt to further integrate and expand on Supercars in gaming on this channel.

Where’s Gran Turismo 6?
As I don’t own a PS3, I had to get it from the internet, however, all I could find was replay footage (shown at the end). Older Gran Turismo’s didn’t have Bathurst.

Where’s iRacing, GRID Autosport, Automobilista, rFactor, Project Cars etc.?
These games don’t have the full licence and only have generic liveries on the Supercar Chassis.

Where’s Forza Motorsport 3 and 4?
Bathurst was not in those 2 games, Forza 5 marked the introduction of Bathurst into the Forza Series.

Where’s Forza Motorsport 7?
This video was published before the release of the aforementioned title.


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23 thoughts on “Supercars Championship | Video Gaming Evolution — Mount Panorama Circuit

  1. Loved to see the many comments on this video, I've just gotten around to replying most of them after 3 years! It's surely been a while since I've come back to YT and had a deeper look back into my past videos. I admit there are a lot of missing elements in this video – somewhat indicative of my earlier videos whereby it was patchy and unpolished. I'm feeling for a return soon – it would be nice to kick it off with a fresh video once again on Supercars in Gaming. Thank you all!

  2. Massive shoutout to the original content creators whom I derived clips from – thence assisting in the creation of this video:

    superallye (VSI TCC):
    Delta Dox/NB_02 (V8 Challenge):
    V8HAWK (V8SC 2):
    YoungJDogg (V8SC 3):

  3. Watching the clip of the v8 supercars 3 brings back old childhood memories where on every turn i obliterated my car into the wall every turn. Nice vid

  4. I love the v8 SuperCars with a passion. Always have. Iv played Toca 1 2 & 3 were brilliant games. Too bad codemasters never released a 4th one for ps3/360. Still room for it to hit Xbone and ps4 though. Wish there were more games that featured these cars. Atleast we got forza 7 supporting v8s best game so far iv tried with the v8s. Yet to play PC2 but will do sometime soon although im not 100% certain if thr xbox version has v8s? Or is that only a PC mod?

  5. I like the video, mate.
    I don't wanna be "that guy" but it'll be nice if you credited the people of the original footage used in your video by providing a link to their channels in the description. I noticed you used my video of the EA Sports V8 Challenge and covered my watermark with yours. From my point of view, this is where I believe credit should be due.

  6. Ive got a direct capture for my ps2 running through component and would be happy to supply you with v8 supercars race driver gameplay

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