Spunky vs Aliens is a side-scrolling shooter with a twist. Rather than being a generic, “You have control of our only experimental ship named whatever any you alone must battle horde upon horde of incoming aliens to save the galaxy!” you instead play a dog riding around on his doghouse (though unfortunately, not Snoopy, WWI Flying Ace) as he guns down the various alien scum that threaten his peaceful suburban home.

They say first impressions last, and while the initial animations may seem rather generic, the in-game detail and artwork is of a fairly high standard. Both the alien ships and your flying doghouse (along with you the dog or course) are all drawn in great detail, making for a fairly aesthetically pleasing game. The backgrounds are also very well done, evoking a great typical relaxing suburban atmosphere. Sans exploding aliens of course.

The gameplay is what one can expect from a game like this. It’s simple, easy to master, and quite addictive. The controls are easy enough, you use only your mouse to move around the screen. Movement is a bit floaty at first, but this improves with better engines and doghouses (as strange as that sentence may sound). Enemies will, as is typical in side-scrolling shooters like these, follow predictable patterns. It’s thus possible to time everything just right and take everything out without receiving the tiniest of scratches. That said though, it’s still difficult to do and the game is forgiving enough that you don’t have to worry too much at first about taking much damage. Later on when the enemies start firing back though, you’ve got something to worry about.

Along the way, you can purchase various upgrades. The first of these would be your doghouse. Better kennels will allow for better overall health, and you can thus take on far more damage before going down in smoke and flames.

The second is your engine. You’ll get tired of the floaty feel of movement pretty fast, and with the speed of enemy attacks, you’re going to want to upgrade your engine for faster movement fairly soon.

The next upgrade is the all important gun. Better guns do more damage and fire faster, allowing you take kill more of the pesky invaders in far shorter time.

If guns aren’t enough for you though, there are always rockets. Being a big fan of big explodey things, they’re a personal favorite of mine. Then again, who isn’t a fan of big explodey things? If you aren’t you might be playing the wrong game.

the last upgrade is rather unique. You can purchase a magnet. This helps in improving your money collection. Whenever you shoot an enemy down, it explodes in a burst of coins. Normally, you have to fly into the coins to grab them, but with magnets, you can have them float towards you. The better the magnet, the farther away you can attract coins.

You can also increase coin value and diamond value, which gives you more cash for each coin or gem that you collect. You’re almost certainly going to need these, especially considering how expensive the later upgrades are.

All in all, Spunky vs Aliens is a top-notch game, and you should give it a shot as soon as you can. Cheers!

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