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The Kiboomers! Simon Says! Music Game for Kids! Simon Says song.
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Watch our ‘Simon Says’ video and play Simon Says with the kids!


Hey! Let’s play Simon Says.

When I say “Simon Says Jump, You Jump.”

When I say “Simon Says Hurrah, You Shout Hurrah.”

But, if I don’t say “Simon Says first, don’t move.”

And that’s how we play the game.

Simon says jump!
Simon says touch your toes!
Simon says stomp your feet!
Wiggle your ears!
Did you wiggle your ears? I didn’t say Simon Says.

Let’s play again.

Simons says hop like a frog!
Simons says shout hurrah!
Simon says slap your knees!
Roll your eyes!
Did you roll your eyes?
I didn’t say Simon Says.

Let’s play again.

Simons says fly like a plane!
Simons says moo like a cow!
Simon says wiggle your fingers!
Touch your nose!
Did you touch your nose?
I didn’t say Simon Says.

And, that’s how you play Simon Says!

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Song: “Simon Says” (Action Songs for kids )
Music: Kiboomu Kids Songs
Animation: Studio Aiko
Vocals & Arrangement: Christopher Pennington from The Kiboomers


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