Shoot The Moon – Vintage Family Game, LPS-Dave Scores 5000!

​​​Level! That is all I thought about when I started this video. Shoot The Moon needs to be on a level surface.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I had to get the game level before I started the video! That was all I kept thinking about. It took about 20 minutes to set my table legs and to level the table in both directions. I had not played this game in a very long time so I wanted to practice before I made the video. I would say I put about an hour of practice prior to starting. Once I got the hang of it, I started! As you can see from the video, I went over the leveling steps and kept the levels in the video so there is no confusion about my set-up. I was able to Shoot The Moon and achieve the 5000 score pretty consistent.


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1940’s Game – Shoot The Moon

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20 thoughts on “Shoot The Moon – Vintage Family Game, LPS-Dave Scores 5000!

  1. We chad that game when I was a kid and I never got passed earth. AND it wasn't exactly fun for the whole family. But I'm impressed that you had it and got 5000

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