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Hello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of the game Pesadelo! This is a relatively new game that might just take the crown for Scariest Game Ever! I don’t ever recall screaming quite as much in such a panicked way as I did in this video here. So please enjoy this diabolically terrifying indie horror game!


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20 thoughts on “Pesadelo | NEW SCARIEST GAME EVER

  1. My goodness this video is old. How times change. So glad Mark got to do the kind of sketch comedy and multiple ego thing he wanted to do when he first started this channel. A Heist with Markiplier made it big…I wonder if he ever thought he'd get this far. It's wonderful to watch through all of these old playthroughs and think of how far he's come. Congrats, dude. You made so many years of my life so much better. Looking forward to the future! So long as you do what makes you happy, there's no way you could let us down.

  2. How come when I look these up. There not poping up. The only way I'm watching these. Is I have a playlist of them

  3. time to pronounce more names wrong,
    . oh and also
    me: *watches to the end of the video* oh wow, that was short..
    also me: *exits full screen and sees that this was apparently, not even the first part* oh

  4. wow I went to pause the video and I did right as the monster jumps mark 6:46 I got a perfect freeze frame of the monster …

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