Maisy's Playhouse – Game Longplay (1999)

6 captivating activities provide hours of fun gameplay while encouraging early learning skills. 3 skill levels to suit your child’s growing abilities. Maisy’s bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are filled with delightful giggles and surprises. Maisy’s world comes vividly to life with whimsical animations and bright, inviting graphics. Activities gently encourage resourcefulness, independence, curiosity, and confidence.

This is based on characters from a children’s book series by author/illustrator Lucy Cousins, and an animated television series, characterized by it’s bright primary colors and the thick hand-drawn appearance of its outlines. Maisy herself is a little white mouse; she and her animal friends explore places and activities of interest to toddlers. In this game the player is introduced to three rooms in Maisy’s house; in each room are many clickable animations to explore with the mouse – drawers and cabinets open to reveal items, water runs and the toilet flushes, toys move and lights click on and off. There are three levels to choose from, and at the 3rd level Maisy will enter the room and perform an appropriate activity, such as taking a bath or donning outdoor clothing. In the top left of each screen is an easel icon which brings the player to a page of seven mini-games: Gingerbread Cookies – piece together broken cookies and then decorate and print; Hide and Seek – find Maisy and her friends hiding on the page; Painting – find the picture that doesn’t belong in Maisy’s painting; Clean-up – click on Maisy’s toys to put them away in her playroom; Getting Dressed – choose the appropriate clothes for Maisy to put on for a specified activity; Train – help Maisy’s friends board her train; Coloring – listen to directions to help Maisy finish a painting or print out to color later. The focus of this game is on the preschool skills of color, shape, and number recognition, following directions, and creative play.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Interactive
Developer: Sound Source Interactive, Inc.
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49 thoughts on “Maisy's Playhouse – Game Longplay (1999)

  1. This is,,,,, literally sending me backwards in time i feel like im having a divine epiphany while watching this, the nostalgia from this video is,,,, giving me such a strong unexplainable feeling

  2. this use to be on this giant block of a 'computer' at my library. It only had this game and a handful of others that I'm trying to find still but can't remember the names of. A few weeks ago I saw an image of Maisy but there was no name and it's been driving me crazy. I'm so glad i found this!!

  3. I'm rediscovering Maisy Mouse after 20ish years.

    The only memory I have of playing this game was when I watched my first balloon fly away. I played this afterwards to calm down. I remember being really sad about it lol.

  4. anyone know the name of the track that plays at 3:57 ? i just remembered this game out of the blue and this part was the most vivid to me

  5. i remember maisy but nothing else about his show and i only remember moose from noggin saying his name on

  6. I remember one game from when I was in preschool that I LOVED and for the longest time couldn't remember what it was. Don't know how I found this, but glad I did. The nostalgia is overwhelming!!!

  7. Legitimately haven't played this game since I was about 4 but remember the name and everything. This game was SO CRITICAL for me!!!

  8. I'm seriously SOBBING while watching this. I'm literally the only person out of everyone I know who remembers this game and the show. I used to be absolutely obsessed with this game when I was little and played the gingerbread game like crazy. This makes me so nostalgic, wow.

  9. smh you thought tallulah was charlie

    this game was my shit when i was a toddler. as soon as i heard the opening music the nostalgia hit me hard. thanks for the upload!

  10. Can you upload all the demos from the Elmo's preschool 1996 cd rom?
    Also please upload a gameplay of the Wiggles Wiggly Party and Maisy Happy Birthday Maisy CD ROMS? Thanks!

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