LEARNING THE TAME GAME! – Dark and Light Gameplay

Dark and Light – Welcome to Dark and Light, A vast sandbox survival game set in a world dominated by powerful elemental forces. Tame massive monsters, brew up some magic and take over the world!
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Intro: Griz – Funk Party / A Fine Way to Die ft. Orlando Napier
Outro: Griz – The Anthem ft. Mike Avery

Nguồn: https://phanrangninhthuan.info/

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45 thoughts on “LEARNING THE TAME GAME! – Dark and Light Gameplay

  1. Is this single player, didn't see anyone else, which is why I'm asking. Punch trees for apples, herbivores prefer apples. Yes there is kibble, but it's higher level. You need more hook arrows to keep his con-torpor down

  2. meola would you be interested in joining me and my friends on a frendly pvp ark server sense its friendly pvp theres no offline raid and we announce battles we we raid o and im building a gladiatorial areana

  3. put as much arrows in him when his still awake,so that when hes asleep hes not gonna wake up quick

  4. meola…you are still clueless as f*** go watch slipg8rs vids they will teach you stuff, please I am dying of cringe, the names you call things, and you think wyverns are aggressive, please watch them

  5. Meola you can buy a horse at the town somewhere just look for the building and the horse has a craftable saddle on it

  6. when you were poring arrows in him you would not let him snap them for torpor also the kebo is friendly and so is the wyvern iron hook arrows are for flyers the meteors spawn the wraiths

  7. Hey mrmeola your really inspirational!!i love your gaming videos 👌🏻and I hope you notice this🦄

  8. Hiiiii by the way I believe the wyverns are NEUTRAL. (Don't forget there are several kinds of dragons and wyverns)

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