Keijo Author Explains Why His Series Was Cancelled

Keijo’s Author explains why he had to end his series so quickly! Its sad what happened and I hope he doesn’t give up.

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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28 thoughts on “Keijo Author Explains Why His Series Was Cancelled

  1. Such a shame. I liked the series very much. So i was expecting a second season but for it to end like this… its just sad. You deserve better keijo. A lot better. Goes for every manga artist out there. The great olds were great because there wasnt bullshit being shoved down their throats.

  2. Publisher: Keijo is doing great outside of Japan.
    Shogakukan: I'm gonna end this whole man's career.
    All seriousness, storm the castle of Shogakukan and demand season 2 of Keijo.

  3. I like how they created keijo a girl and i didn't really found it erotic even though they show boobs and asses everywhere …im sad that it's cancelled ..i really want to know how they end it but it's already 2 years now 😢

  4. I love Keijo, its so humorous and fun to watch… Im hella sad, Keijo had a nice plot too (although very full of fan service)

  5. omg…i loved this show i waited 2 years to forget some of it only to watch it again and again…its my #fav anime out of the 300+ ive watched :C everyone is saying the anime was sexual but once you watch it you find it exciting and fun like 'WHOS GONNA WIN ?!'but as i said once you get into it you forget that it has dirty scenes and just litterally enjoy it im so sad it didnt make it i hope some develouper continues this some day who knows ,what if i grow up and be a producer its not far from now 😀 it would be crazy for me to continue it :Obut im really sincerly sad that it had to go…..😭😭😭😢

  6. As a gay man, this show was extremely entertaining. I could easily set aside the silliness and actually become engrossed and entertained or just enjoy it being on. It's a shame even years later to me that this series didn't continue

  7. it is a cruel place, im looking at you Apple and your overpiced iphones and your BS repairing and updating macbooks support

  8. i wasn't thinking the story is good. but the idea and these explanation and having a school about this…this is funny and absurd….
    so…anyone watched aokana four rhythm across the blue

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