Jazztronauts Outtakes (Garry's Mod)


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The Deadwater crew played Jazztronauts a while ago, and had quite a few outtakes during said recording.

We are:

Timbleweebs (Gentleman Jango)
Mahoganycrafter (Custom Kylo Ren)
DeadwaterMarvel (Maybe If I Wear This Shirt Spiderman)
Ahi-Chu (Mady)

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Outro music: Forget Meme Nots by Chris Kogos

God Bless! Deadwater logo and banner by Papa Shlup

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26 thoughts on “Jazztronauts Outtakes (Garry's Mod)

  1. I’m trying to do the jazztronauts prologue and I’m getting INSANELY high ping. Anyone know how to fix it?

  2. That moment when you go ahead of your friends and feel like you've been gone for hours only to realise it's only been 2 minutes

  3. Is this the Peace of Peace?
    When I subscribed I thought this was a Yoga Meditation Channel for Mech Pilots? Now you are killing zombies. But it is funny and strangely relaxing.

  4. So, watched this video, and tiday I got G Mod so the first thing I did was scroll through a few models and luckily, I found it in my Gamemodes. :>
    Thank you!

  5. pls pin this comment and leave this comment a dislike so there's a point in youtube history where a comment with dislike is at the top

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