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From the toasty minds at Quiznos.

Game of Thrones meets House of Cards in Frank Underwood’s new hit “House of Thrones.” Who lives? Who dies? You got to watch this toasty video to find out! Curated entertainment, straight from the toaster Quiznos and Toasty TV sets life on fire and burns down the status quo, bringing you the hottest in music, film, art and entertainment.

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Prod. Co: Windowseat Pictures
Director: Oren Kaplan
Writer: Devon Kelly
DP: Adam Bricker
Costumes: Catherine Elhoffer
Hair/Makeup: Adriana Bena & Heather O’Boyle
Production Design: Zach Silverstein
Producer: Joe Hardesty
Producer: Rosie Kaller
Editor / VFX: Oren Kaplan
Original Score: Regino Roy III

Frank Underwood: Ross Marquand
Joffrey Baratheon: Kara Luiz
Margaery Tyrell: Emily Rutan
Arya Stark: Rosie Kaller
Daenerys Targaryen: Amber Coyle
Jaime Lannister: Tommy Nash
Jon Snow: Bret Roberts
Tyrion Lannister: Kyle Pacek
Shae: Rachel Delante

Agency: Windowseat
EP/Acct Director: Moz Mirbaba
EP/SVP Production: Joseph McKelheer
Creative Director: Andrew Smits
Creative Director: Kevin Raich
VP Programming: Karen Valliant
Social/Digital Strategy: Nicole Burford
Post Supervisor: Emiliano Haldeman

Video Optimization:


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42 thoughts on “House of Thrones (Game of Thrones meets House of Cards Parody) | Quiznos |

  1. all hail Frank of the House Underwood, the First of his Name, The schemer, leader of the house, the senate and the court, representative of Gaffney, President of the United States of America, Breaker of laws and the eater of ribs!

  2. Some how I want this to be a thing. Just come up with a story with this type of mixture and you will have a hit.

  3. This guy looks like Topher Grace, the guy that played Matt Franklin in the movie “Take me home tonight.”

  4. And I thought Jimmy Fallon did the best Frank Underwood impression…or maybe he did…coz this guy is Legitimately FRANK UNDERWOOD. Woah ! 👏

  5. Thats Ross Marquand who does the Spacey impression. Because he is so good at what he does, Disney hired him for Avengers Infinity War to play Red Skull. Hugo Weaving either didn't want to return or had scedualing problems, so they got Marquand to do an Impression of Weaving doing an German accent. Quite impressive, this Marquand fella.

  6. Dang dude. Let down… you could of ended with "in the game of thrones you win or die. There is no middle ground

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