Hasbro Trolling By Releasing Monopoly: Longest Game Ever

Hasbro has released a new Amazon exclusive version of Monopoly called Monopoly: Longest Game Ever. The game features a new larger game board and an updated set of rules. Even bankruptcy wont let you get out of the game. The game only ends when 1 player owns 16 streets, 4 railraods, 2 utilities and all 66 properties. It also features only 1 die so theres no chance of doubles and if a player runs out of money, each bill has dotted lines so they can be ripped in half to keep players in the game forever.

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever:
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5 thoughts on “Hasbro Trolling By Releasing Monopoly: Longest Game Ever

  1. The game will end in a stalemate after 15 minutes. Since there is no game rule that forces you to leave jail, you will simply stay there forever. Once every player is in jail, the game ends in a stalemate … Every. Single. Time.

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