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Vaporwave, Vapormeme, Simpsonwave. Lofi Hip Hop, Proto-Vapor, Vaportrap, Vaporhop, Futurefunk, Retrowave, VHS Pop, Zeldawave, Late Night Lofi. Futurevisions, Jazz, Chill, Mallsoft, Broken Transmission, Retro Electro, Hypnagogic Drift, Eccojams, Faux-Utopian….

#lofi #lofihiphop

Nguồn: https://phanrangninhthuan.info/

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June 23, 2020

dont even ask me how many DAYS it took me to find this… In the end. IT WAS SO FKING WORTH IT!!!!!!


cooldudes 2465

June 23, 2020

I'm surprised this doesn't have more views…



June 23, 2020

are we alive yet?


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