Game Anim (by Jonathan Cooper) – Book Review

This review takes a look at Jonathan Cooper’s book “Game Anim” and its animation related content. I found it to be a really helpful general overview of the video game animation process with a lot of helpful tips and explanations.

You can get the book on the official site:

or on Amazon:

and you can get the free Azri Maya rig here:

The GDC Camera talk is here:

Jonathan Cooper’s YT channel is here:

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25 thoughts on “Game Anim (by Jonathan Cooper) – Book Review

  1. Would this book be useful for someone using blender primarily?
    Does it explains everything in a software neutral way?
    Great review btw.

  2. I've tried to animate with the Azri Rig but I'm just not able to set a key for the foot IKFK control. No matter which control with the IKFK I try(i.e Foot, toe tweak,ankle tweak) It sets a key for every other position or rotate axis except the IKFK. Please Help.

  3. Game animator here as well and didn't know the book was out. I'm definitely going to purchase this or get it as a father day gift.

    Johnathon is well respected and now since I'm working on my first vfx film. This will be a good refresher since I'm not using Maya at work. Only at home to try to stay up to date etc…

    The rig looks awesome he has instructions on how to use it. I'm going to play with do some animations.Then treat myself to Jean Denis workshop when I'm ready wink wink. 😀

    Darrel Christian

  4. wow, I'm a blender user so I search for blender videos. Big mistake, any animation videos would work just fine. So glad I found this channel.

  5. I bought this book because of this video and other reviews. I hope to get into the industry and these insights are super valuable

  6. Bought the book a week ago after watching your video, It's been a great read, thanks for the review! As someone working in the games industry and who went to four years of college for game animation, this book has been pretty spot on.

  7. Now I'm just waiting for your book! 15 years at 1 of the 2 best vfx houses in the world is worth a trilogies of books .

  8. This book looks really interesting. I think this is my next book, but first, I have to finish the AMAZING Illusion of life book! BEST ANIMATION BOOK EVER.

  9. So good that you talked about it. Just saw it few days ago and got the rig. It is amazing, so appealing, but I feel like it lacks an IK chain for the spine, he did only FK (or I didn't found it). Thanks for the review anyway, I would buy this book asap !

  10. I love very much that you are doing reviews about animation books. Thanks for the REVIEW i really enjoyed.

  11. Super review, I was hoping you were doing one. I’m almost finished reading it, preparing also a review for my game animation website! ( For the rig, it’s super quick and easy to use. Knowing Max and MotionBuilder, I was able to animate within Maya with the AZRI rig in ~1h thanks to Jonathan’s very quick tutorials :
    If anyone here has always wanted to learn a new animation software but was afraid it could be complex : it’s not. It’s easy, cause those software deal with animation pretty much the same way (and they’re mainly made by the same company too 😉 )

  12. Worst part of game animation is exporting animation to engine… Things might look amazing in anim soft but might be totally broken in engine…
    I remember struggling with skinning for Unity because in 3ds max you can do limitless bone influences but in engine it compressed it to 3 bones and it was a pain in the ass to export, check, fix, export again just to clean all vertex spikes that engine didn't skinned because reasons 😛

  13. Games use tons of VFX… almost everything is some kind of vfx like fluid dynamics, particles, lights, camera effects.

  14. Game animator here, I ordered the book and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Great review I like the fact that you share your insecurities and experiences along the way. Keep up the good work

  15. Just want to add one more thing. Jonathan Cooper also has curated awesome Game Animation Reels on his Vimeo group

    It's has some really inspiring reels!!

  16. Awesome review ! Do you think it's worth buying if i'm interesting more in acting for animated movies than body mechanics for games ?

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