DONUT TOSS – All Endings – Weight Gain Game

Getting all the endings wasn’t easy but I did it! Here they are for your viewing pleasure.
Make sure to support the talented, hard working people who make these games!
Donut Toss was made by Lachevite and can be found here!:
Just as a side note, the song isn’t with the game as the game it’s self is silent apart from Sound FX so i threw in the royalty free song “Cheeky” by Matt Harris from the Youtube Audio Library.
They’ve got some bangers hiding in there….



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35 thoughts on “DONUT TOSS – All Endings – Weight Gain Game

  1. I like da 1st one “stuffed”
    The 4th one “donut demon”
    The 5th one “donut demon demolished”

  2. I really hate that vampire character. I would've just punch her in the face and run. That would be a good ending. And plus she pisses me off when she makes fun of you and such. I know it's a game but this is just makes me mad at that vampire character.

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