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A doar game is a game that competes for reflexes.
The rule is that the doar is approaching so push the punch button at the right time and drive it away.

I will explain the doar game.
Looking at the screen vertically, there are four doars.

There are green, yellow, and red cells to the right.
The doar rushes to the right of that cell.
You will be damaged if you rush into the area marked damage
Press the attack button in a timely manner so as not to be charged.
However, the color of the attack button changes in order from the bottom.
Attack can be issued for squares of the same color.
When a doar rushes Takes damage.
If you take damage three times Game Over.

The stage is clear
if you can withstand
the boar’s charge for 30 seconds
There are three stages.
The boar moves a little faster.
Can you complete three stages?

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