Description: An elementary PE game where students use locomotor movements to accelerate, slow down, or change direction in order to avoid other taggers and players.

– There is one hula hoop or poly spot for each student in the class with an even of colored hoops or spots depending on the class size.
– Each student will start out the game in a hula hoop or on a poly spot.
– Designate the taggers by rolling the dice with a number on the dice matching a different colored hoop or poly spot. Ex: 1 = Blue, 2 = Yellow, 3 = Red.
– Once a student is tagged they must sit down in the closest hoop or spot.
– The last person tagged, wins the game and is awarded the privilege to roll the dice for the new set of taggers.
– Make sure the taggers go to a hoop or spot before the dice is rolled and whatever number corresponds with the color – all in that color are taggers.

(I did NOT create this game).


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