BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz "Firegate Battle Set" Unboxing, Review, Game Demo

“Let’s Go Beyblade Hunting! Huntington Beach, CA – April 6, 2016”

Hello! My name is JoJo. I love toys and video games, but most of all, I love you! I’m a toy collector and reviewer, Beyblader, cosplayer, gamer, but I’m no expert. I’m a nerd having fun with my toys and I’m happy to share them with you 🙂

I use very simple video equipment.
Camera: Sony Handycam PJ340 + iPhone 5s
Tripod: Sunpack 5858D
Video editor: Sony Movie Studio 13.0
Lights: JEBSENS Z2 7w LED desk lamps x2
Backdrop: White

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42 thoughts on “BeyWarriors BeyRaiderz "Firegate Battle Set" Unboxing, Review, Game Demo

  1. How much does it coust and if you love me then can you give me ifrit please I live at 5303 Westminster
    Because my birthday is tomorrow

  2. You know why bey blade lost relevance in America till recently? Because has bro decided to ad stupid spinoffs that put people off.

  3. +JoJo [Jp0t] when are u gonna unbox dual layer beyblades i.e victory valkyrie etc. waiting and as always loved ur video!!!!

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