AVAST MATEYS!!! This is the follow-up video from our dedicated single player atlas server setup – Now we look at some of the basic settings you can adjust in atlas.

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Atlas Missing Map Quick Fix

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Basic Atlas server game.ini settings #playatlas @sailtheatlas
@Jatheish @bubblywums



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  1. In the Game.ini file inside the "ShooterGameSaved0ConfigWindowsServer" folder I edited the day and night speeds like so…


    But in game they make no difference to the passing of time, Night should be faster and Day should be slower according to those settings.

    Is there something I am doing wrong or not doing that I should be doing? Thanks in advance.

  2. Do you know of a .ini setting to increase SOTD spawn/quality that works on blackwood dedicated or single?

  3. Quick tip before starting to experiment with files yourself: ALWAYS BACKUP the files before you start tweaking them, you may screw sth up. Game.ini is usually very forgiving but other files are not.

  4. @Seerower I greatly appreciate this guide and the work you put into it. I have rented a server on pingperfect and have been attempting to use your guide to add a custom 1×1 map to replace the default one pingperfect provided. I am having difficulties getting it to appear in the game server select menus and I suspect it is due to having the correct ip, servername and such. I decided if I downloaded the map that came from pingperfect I could then add islands to it and reupload and it would have all the correct details but I do not see a way to import it into the map grid editor.

    If you have any advice on how I may overcome this (or anyone else) i would appreciate it.

  5. I took your files and dropped them into my server folder. I changed the names and the ip/port info and all works except i bumped the vitamins to 80% and every single time I log in and die and see what the vitamins reset to they always start at 62 not 80… do you know why?

  6. hi
    aweseome videos mate. (both setup and config)
    i have a small problem though: server starts up, i can connect, but i cannot harvest or interact with anything.

    do you have an idea whyt might be the issue?
    thanks mate

  7. the map image needs to be renamed to servergrid.jpg its in the list of things to do i missed it had same problem

  8. I did this and for some reason my server is broken lol, even if I go back to default the server wont work properly

  9. Very helpful! I have my own dedi finally set up but we've run into a major issue we're hoping someone can help with. The server saves fine on restart, gets all the grid data etc. Whenever we make any changes to the INI files, or GUS (Game User Settings) and try to restart, it basically wipes and starts us all over again. I'm sure its something minor, if anyone knows anything, please reply 🙂

  10. Awesome dude I am using the 4×4 on a separate comp runs great copied your ini files thank you for doing the research!

  11. is it possible to disable clipping for structures? couldnt see it in the server settings

    figured it out add "bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=True" without quotations in Game.ini

    also add "DisableStructureDecayPVE=True" in GameUserSettings.ini to disable decay in 4 days message

    this only works if you have your server set to PVE, you can do this by adding "ServerPVE=True" to GameUserSettings.ini

    if you want to be able to use beds aswell then change bDontUseClaimFlags=True to False and place a claim flag down by your beds. this will allow fast travel and respawn at your beds.

  12. Hey, so your map. I followed your instructions on your video yesterday to a T and had the same problem. I ended up having to install IIS (Internet Information Services) and have directory browsing enabled with a folder called ServerGrid in there with the map files (the ones generated and placed into ServerGrid by the ServerGridEditor)

    When you were editing the server files you erased the MetaWorldUrl and the MapImageUrl (which is fine as the defaults are probably wrong). But what this does is removes a location for the client to reach out to and grab the map files from the server. I ended up putting mine as ******.us/ServerGrid (MetaWorldUrl) and ******.us/ServerGrid/MapImg.jpg (MapImageURL)

    DM me if that's confusing.

  13. hello i have copied your game.ini and the other one and i made the gather rate 100x but that dont work and i made it to what you had it at and that still dont work HELP please!

  14. anyone else having issues with xp clamping? I was lvl8 on my own server, before I changed the ini settings to mirror yours and it has xp clamped me at lvl9

  15. Avast Mateys, Thanks for all the interaction and feedback on the first video, here are some of the basic settings + I included the VITAMIN settings – P.s. dont adjust the vitamin stats above 0.7 💪😆💥

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