821 Retro Game in 1 | Fake Famicom Mini Classic From China

Fake Mini Nes Classic / Ultimate / Fake / Nintendo / Multi Game / Card / Clone /Multi-card / 600 in 1 / Family Computer / 621

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36 thoughts on “821 Retro Game in 1 | Fake Famicom Mini Classic From China

  1. Don't forget to check the Wicked Gaming Channel !


  2. I have this console and I just wonder if you can add extra games into it cuz my favorite game is Shadow force and monster which they don’t have it . And Chip&Dale2 don’t have 2 players option l

  3. Looking at the list of games on this video. It has not Nintendo but some super Nintendo as well. Tiny toons adventures was SNES and Nintendo and so was Mario's time machine and a few others I recognized as a kid. I had the original SNES and loved it but I got thus one on eBay and waiting for arrival. It looks like it will b lots of fun from my past.

  4. long story short I formatted the sdcard in this thing with the 821 games on it. would anyone be able to send me an image of their sdcard? Also if you remove the sdcard the console boots directly into a weird tetris game

  5. Ihr habt den letzten Bullshit gespielt Mario aber das allerbeste Spiel Paperboy wer spielt den Mario rotz ich nicht ihr seid mario krank

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  7. Just got this exact model here for Christmas. Honestly, out of all the bootlegs, it's really not that bad, yeah I'm a touch disappointed it wasn't a real SNES mini, but for what it is, it's kinda fun, and the weird knock off hacks and stuff give me a good laugh, like one that's not shown in the video is a Megaman 5 hack called "Megacrap". Yeah they're not the best, but it's hilarious to play with and poke around and explore.

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