10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Glitches

Many games have glitches. Some glitches are funny, some are annoying. But from time to time, a glitch will prevent you from completing the game at all. Let’s talk about THAT kind of video game glitch – do you remember any of these?
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40 thoughts on “10 Recent WORST Game BREAKING Glitches

  1. Breaking into the honningbrew meadery in Skyrim will break your game. It breaks the thieves guild questline effectively breaking the game and not allowing you to beat the game. You can still take jobs from devin and vex but you cant do the questline.

  2. I know an annoying glitch which is let sway a long time ago u subscribes and turned on all notifications for a channel, later (2 years) you unsubscribe because uve moves on to other channels, WELL here’s the thing, u still get notifications from that channel, of coUrse, th way to fix it is by suscribing turn on it again and then turn it off then unsubscribe is how u fix it

  3. Anyone remember the bug in RDR2 where if u died and restarted a checkpoint at the beginning of the game. It would glitch out and break a bunch of future missions. Was patched in like a month or less.

  4. There;s a glitch in Jedi: Fallen Order where you can infinite jump

    1. Unlock double jump

    2. Spam force slow and jump at the same time over and over again and you will keep jumping

  5. There's an annoying ass game breaking glitch in Mad Max where there is an achievement to collect like 250 collectible items and you can only get 249 by doing some quest wrong or something like that

  6. The Number 1 reminds me of playing MW3 on the Wii when I decided to prank my friend and cooked a grenade on his save so when he got back on he just kept fucking blowing up

  7. My system was full of viruses and lag all games so I deleted my system32 file and from now, the games is running without lagging

  8. It's not recent, but I got one game breaking glitch that I discovered by accident:
    I have the 360 version of The Darkness.
    When going to the subway station, either Fulton St or Canal St, go into one of the subway carts. An animation of Jackie finding a spot to sit or stand will play. While this is happening, pause the game before it loads to the next station, select Restart Checkpoint. If done right, a loading screen of Jackie will happen like normal, but will then be cut off with another loading screen. This will cause the game to break at this moment. Jackie will spawn in either stations like normal, the downside is that all powers, all guns, and progress done besides the story will restart. This can happen either in Chapter 1, 3, or 5 of the game. The missions you were given before the glitch could still be done, but once you enter another train and the loading screen happens, the game will crash. Restarting the xbox and continuing the game will not fix the glitch. You'll have to restart from the main menu or load another chapter.
    Don't get me wrong, I love this game, but this one caught me by surprise after a decade of playing it.

  9. The Witcher camera drift same thing for saints row 3 that just came out

  10. sorry to necro comment but im so suprised Vampire masqurade wasnt on here where the game broke in the haunted house and it was only thanks to community effort that the game was ever fixed.

  11. Bethesda games are also getting save game corruption this mostly occur with their build in auto save function.

  12. Number 1 should have been sniper ghost warrior 3. I bought it, and tried troubleshooting for over 3 days. The bug is that the game won't load at all. I would get to a black screen, then crash. (at least on pc). I can't remember what error would pop up because it was a while ago that this happened. This bug has yet to be fixed. The solution to this bug is to create a second steam account and share your game library with that new account.

  13. OMG… on my first playthrough of Metroid Other M that happened to me and I thought it was my fault of not noticing something and I ended up dropping the game. I restarted the game a few months later, finished it (new file, obviously) and thought “how the hell did I get stuck last time? YEARS LATER, here’s the answer.

  14. One game-breaking bug I found a few years back was in RDR Undead Nightmare (it was a new glitch too, as a result of a 2014 update). Basically whenever you start a new game after that 2014 update, it will play normally for about 30 minutes. Then around the part where you are saving Blackwater, the zombies will turn into headless human npcs and begin wielding weapons to use against the player. The glitch also prevents the player from progressing past that point. This was on the Xbox 360 so I'm not sure about the PS3 version.

  15. An update to New Vegas on the 360 made it so the game would crash when loading the Honest Hearts DLC, but also doing an auto-save, so you couldn't load out of it. I could only play the game by rolling back the update and disconnecting from the Live service so the update wouldn't get installed.

  16. Gta 5 on the ps3, game would crash, map would get blurry and unreadable, couldn't do basic functions like drive and shoot guns. It was just a shit show

  17. I experienced the game breaking glitch in my game that I'm currently developing that I have no clue how to fix

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